Monday, December 24, 2007





MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent my weekend



And Mummy's wondering WHY I am mad. Ofcourse I'm mad! Weekend, ALONE! She has to hog Daddy. Normally Daddy comes home and sleep with me, but Saturday night he didn't come back! They didn't bring me along!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What happened to my hole?

Mummy tells me that that sounds very obscene.


I'm just wondering what happened to the hole that lets me to go through and OUT to play! Stupid Mummy asked Daddy to block it. It's time, to ask the neighbour dogs to push it open! If only I was the size of a St Benard. We'll see if Mummy dares to bully me!


Happy Mummy

It's very easy to make Mummy happy
Just sit on her lap/stomach
And pose
Do I look happy then? I just want the tummy rub!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I joined Smorty

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After a hard day's work at play

I like to.......SNOOZE!

Do you know why it's good to act adorable and go to sleep straight away after you're out the whole day?
So you can get away from BATHING!!!
But I couldn't escape it last night. Daddy comes home all black and dirty also what! For me it's only once in a blue moon, so what's wrong with sleeping straight away that way???

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't play play!

Don't kacau me when I play with my toys.

See Mummy so bad, she go take video of me scolding her.

FYI I'm a very good girl, I'm not fierce, I'm very cute! I just love to bully Mummy!! =P

I need more chew toys. They all get broken so easily, then stingy Mummy go stuff back all the cotton inside. STINGY!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Instant Hypnosis

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Boring boring boring

Mummy have no excuse to say that I'm always sleeping in the evening when she comes home now, because I greet her from the balcony every evening!
Mummy takes photos of me when she's in the toilet..hmmmm
I didn't get to pee pee and poo poo outside this morning, because Mummy was late. WHY isit always about her? She should've let me out earlier what!
And what's the deal with blocking all the holes for me to go out from behind of the house???
*looks around the room for Mummy's things to chew on*

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mummy making a big fuss

Why do Mummy have to make such a big fuss everytime I go out of the house? I just wana poo poo outside.

So OK, maybe to play with a friend or two.

And maybe to run around abit.

Why does she have to scream her head off to get me to come home every morning?

I know how to go home! She can just go to work and leave me alone!!!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

PAWS Animal Welfare Openday

Mummy just got this in her mail...

Greetings from PAWS Animal Welfare Society!

We are pleased to inform
that PAWS will be having its Open Day on the following date, time and venue:

Date : 9/12/2007 (Sunday)

Time : 9.00am - 4.00pm

Venue :
PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Subang Airport Road

Activities on that day
will be as follows:

1) Food Fair
2) Jumble Sale
3) Pet Adoption
4) Pet Food Donation Activities

Please drop by on the
event day to give us your support!

Meanwhile, if you have any usable
item such as clothing, household items, books, CDs, toys etc. you may consider
bringing them over to our shelter by 7/12/07 for the purpose of jumble sale.

So are YOU going?

GOGOGO and support! Donate some things, help the animals! Your support will be deeply appreciated! Mummy will adopt Siu Girl, who wana adopt her puppies (IF they're not adopted yet by then)?


Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby After 70bucks Haircut

The other day our place didn't have any electricity, Mummy didn't me to get stuck in the room with no fan/aircon, so she ask Daddy take me to the workshop.

I was so happy! I can finally go see and play with my friends. But it was a trick I tell ya! They took me to the petshop after that to bath! I HATE THAT!!!

But at least the result is ok!

Leng or not?
I mean ME not mummy!!
See Mummy so ugly! HeeHeehEE
Mummy always force me to pose
She likes to take photos of me
Shy lehhh
I duno why she put her nail on my lips
Leng mou?
I still prefer long hair though

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Breakfast

Ahboy tagged me about my breakfast.

Basically I have the same food for breakfast and dinner. I don't have lunch, see how abused I am!! Mummy's complaining that I'm growing fat. NO I'M NOT!!!!

Anyways, my food usually come in dozen each time Mummy and Daddy buys it, so here they are, bought last week. I only eat 12 a week, that's not alot right???

My foodie
This round, these are what they bought

Beef and Vegetables


Chicken and Seafood
Chicken and Vegetables

And these are the special ones you don't get outside (other than petshops)
Gourmet Beef
Chicken Supreme

I think they ran out of lamb for these

Getting prepared for meal time!!

Count, and you get 11, that's why I'm looking up, because number 12 is up there...

Before I get food I have to pose oso

Kesian me la!!

Food time!

I really hate it when they mix it with biscuits
Mummy claims that my biscuits are too expensive because I won't eat cheaper ones. This is PORK flavour. Looks yummy leh!
Mix mix mix
Drink water

There, my breakfast/dinner. Once in a while I get treats like KFC or chicken rice, but Mummy and Daddy has stopped bringing these food home for me!!! They say I drop too much fur. WHat!? It's normal to drop fur what! Like how humans drop hair. It's NORMAL!!! =(
I wan yummy treats!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby in jail

"Get ready for photoshoot!!"

Ohhhhh OKIES!!
Posing posing
Baby in Jail

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who's that?

Who's that?

No! NOT ME!!!


He's Daddy's friend's dog..

Mummy says he's not nice to hug

Too "long".

Body long

Legs long...

Mummy insists that I'm the best to hug!



Friday, October 5, 2007

Poor Siu Girl

Mummy's very sad that Siu Girl will be going to PAWS with her 8 puppies today.

We're all very worried for her safety.

Poor Siu Girl doesn't like strangers, and she'll be going to a new place, what if she reject her babies after that?

Poor thing......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby's guide to command your Mummy and Daddy Part 3 - WATER

Part 1
Part 2

How to let your Daddy and Mummy know that you've ran out of water.

For those who uses bowl
1. Sit next to your water bowl
2. Whine
3. Jump on you Daddy's or Mummy's stomach then run to your bowl
4. Scratch your bowl
5. If still no response, and you have a nice and light plastic bowl, pick it up, carry it to the bed, and chew it!!!!

For those who uses bottle
1. I don't know, I don't use bottles!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival

What did you do? Where did you celebrate? How did you celebrate?

I went to the nearby playground for a nice run.

and made 4 new friends!

Tai Lou, Sai Mui, Siu Star, and Dai Tai!

Photos up later! =D

Typical Saturday Afternoon

This is what happens....


Monday, September 24, 2007

New toys!

I should be excited shouldn't I? 6 new toys! 4 of them can make noise and say "MmmMMUaKkkssssss I LOVE YOU", but I'm not happy...


Friday, September 21, 2007

I need new toys

The rest are all history. No more nose, eyes, ears, etc.etc.

I like chewing!