Friday, December 14, 2007

I joined Smorty

There are many people wondering how you can blog for money, well, let me share my secret with you, Smorty! Smorty connects advertisers and bloggers, so bloggers get paid to help advertisers advertise whatever they want! It's THAT simple! There's nothing better than getting paid to blog, do what you like, and get paid! How wonderful is that?

If you're an advertiser looking for bloggers to link to your website, review your website, then you should check out Smorty too. Rather than looking by yourself, and wasting your time, Smorty can easily help you reach to the world of bloggers! Imagine the amount of time you could save!

Smorty is a great service, because unlike other advertising means, Smorty pays you roughly a week after your post has been approved, which should take about a week or so, MAX! For others, you have to wait for an entire month! Smorty is flexible, reliable, and quick too! I'm just starting Smorty with this blog, something I regret, because I should've done this AGES ago! I've lost out on so much, so don't be like me, don't loose out! Join Smorty today!!

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