Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Mummy Angry Baby

Mummy came home smiling yesterday alright. WHY? Because she was playing with they stray dogs again! >.<

She gave them my food, right infront of me!! And after scolding them ALL, including Daddy, they didn't respond!! They just walked off for dinner without me!

So when Mummy finally came back, I gave her 3 kisses, and scratched her!!! *pRoUD*

Somebody please remind Mummy to stock up my food!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I saw Mummy storm out of the room today. Scary...

I'm so scared she'll start going crazy again, I went downstairs to pee then got back. I want Mummy to be happy, I don't want her to get angry.

How do you make your Mummies happy again?

I give her my butt butt, because she likes hugging my butt butt, so it's very difficult for me, everytime after I poo poo, I have to wipe properly first. She is lazy to wipe for me, so I have to drag on the floor. *PaiNnN*

I hope Mummy come back from work smiling later. Now it's time to sleep.

Good Night!!