Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cats for Adoption

This is not a sponsored post!

Mummy got this Email from SPCA, so if anyone's interested, contact SPCA. Adopt an animal and make a difference!

"Little, elfish Dixie is 2 months old, with pretty green eyes. Her fur is
black and glossy, with two white patches on her chest. She was found hiding in
the engine of a car, and the person who discovered her put her under the
guardianship of SPCA. Initially a little wild and skeptical, she is now
well-settled and human-friendly. Cheeky, playful and fiesty , she may just be
the kitten you've been looking for ! "

"Scamper and Snuggles are brother and sister, just 1 month old. They were dropped off at the SPCA Animal Shelter this morning by a man who found them dumped near a lift in his apartment building. Scamper is the big brother, strong, macho and protective of his little sister. Snuggles is smaller, gentle and surprisingly braver than her big bro when it comes to humans ! They're both healthy and oh-so-soft, but frightened and shy. Lots of tender loving care will turn them into leaping, bounding bundles of joy in no time at all !"

Think you can give even one of these babies a home to call their own ? Please send an e-mail to or call the SPCA office and speak to Jacinta or Pris for more information on how to adopt these lovable furballs !

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Doggie Hair Dye??

The other day Mummy came back from the petshop and showed me this...

Then she asked me what color I want to get.

Somebody please tell her that I DO NOT want to dye my fur!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm happy!

Because Mummy's featured at PayPerPost!

I'm glad she mentioned me, giving me hits too! I wonder why I'm not the featured one, I'm prettier! =P

But anyhow, I'm happy for Mummy!

THANKYOU PAYPERPOST for featuring Mummy! THANKYOU ALL for visiting me as well!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm not feeling well

I'm so sick, my stomach hurts, Mummy's not making life any better, all I want to do is just go out!

Guess what she did last night? Took photos of cats! HOW COULD SHE???

So ugly
So....Here's a fugly photo of her!
Mummy in glasses! You don't get that often! *grIN*

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Bored

There's nothing to do alone, I WANA GO OUT!!!!!

It's so boring
Absolutely nothing to do
Having stomach ache
I just wana go out and play
I wana find my friends
Too bad I am not allowed...
Somebody please tell Mummy to let me out
Pretty pleaseeeee
I don't know why Mummy's so proud of her PDA
So ugly
Not nice to use

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Read here first...


...I know I'm fucking stupid to answer and tell him where SS2 is, he reached out for a knife and I screamed... *bang head on wall*

Somehow my fucking legs got numb, and he grabbed my bag, and I was about to let him to, then I realized my fucking new PDA was in there, so I grasped hard on the belt of my bag, and he panicked and grabbed my necklace instead.


One thing I'm thanking god is my bag is still with me, my 3k worth of gadgets, my wallet with my many cards, my IC, my everything.

One thing that pisses me off is, there were people OPPOSITE watching all the while, WATCHING, and they did no shit to help me, he ran back to his goddamn bike and I saw my Boo (FINALLY).

I ran back crying (ohhh shaddup!) and shouted "Bee Boo help" ($#%&$*#&%). Don't ask why Bee Boo, that's just what I call him...

My heart was beating like some god damn machine out of control, and I needed to kneel down before I die of heartattack.

When my Boo walked further to see if that sonofabitch was still there, I heard those fuckers from OPPOSITE saying (well, AUNTIE..)
"Opposite got snatch thief arr..nehh...just now snatch things" -.-....
-.-""""""""""""""" .......................................................

Then again I was too shocked, I just stayed there, and Baby decides to run off AGAIN, and my Boo went after her. I walked back..casually (trying to act cool cos I cried in public.)

NIAMAH! I'm still wondering why I screamed. OHHHH SHADDUP I know I should've ran away in the first place, but Baby was there, I cannot let Baby out of my sight, she'll run away to find her boyfriends.

FUCK, my stomach's so hot now feels like I just drowned an entire bottle of Chivas.


I find it so pointless to swear, it's just a necklace, and ofcourse scratched at my neck...

*hugs pda*

Thank god it's still here!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Inhumane Humans!

The other night I went walking with Mummy, and walk pass this house where this dog had troubles barking.

I asked Mummy why and she said it could be because the dog was "debarked".


Why are you humans so mean to debark a dog? Now he can't communicate with me or other dogs, all he does is just whine when I walk pass.

There are many arguements on whether debarking is legal, well, WHY is arguements necessary? Debarking a dog is just like taking away a dog's capability to talk, the freedom of SPEECH.

If you humans cannot stand the way we dogs bark, then don't get a dog. Don't go getting a dog and start complaining about the noise. We hate your voice of telling us to sit or stand, and we're not debarking you!

Be more considerate, if Mummy ever consider doing that to me, I'll make sure all my Rottweiler and St. Benard friends eat her alive. AND I MEAN IT!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What do you like to do to your Mummy?

I love stepping on her, because she has fats, trust me, I've seen it! *gRiNN*

Actually I do it because she always leave me alone at home, so whenever she comes back, I will bite her toes, just slightly, and make her annoyed. She gets really annoyed!

And tips for all you doggies out there, try this:

Run from far, aim for her stomach, and just crash there, she won't let you go bangging on the wall, and stomach's a nice cushion to hit, so, try it! =)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Blues

I'm having Monday Blues also, sitting at home alone, boring, waiting for Mummy to come back from work. Mummy needs to take MC so she can stay home with me don't you think?

I had a great weekend, it's been ages since I followed Mummy home, because she claim that there are flea in Cheras, but, I can't care less, I wana go out and run around!

Saturday night I went back with Mummy, and played with Gigi and Pipi, Mummy's Mummy gave me food.. *yUmmY* *yUMMy*

Sunday afternoon I followed Daddy to Mummy's house, and played with Gigi and Pipi more, then we went Serdang and I scolded few smelly white dogs. They're so unfriendly! So rude! It's MY territory!!!

Then I got chained up *gRuMblE* *GruMBLe*

So for revenge, I barked and disturbed the sleeping baby! *laUGhS*

=D *gRiNn*

Friday, June 8, 2007

Bath time, AGAIN?

Mummy went out last night, so stuck with Daddy at home, he decided to bath me!! And cut my fur!!!!!! *AnGRyYY*

After bathing...
Do my side parting look good?
Mummy changed her parting so I wana change too
OK anot?
You can't see it here
There..Side parting
This picture is this morning. Mummy combed away my parting
*cONTinUE cHEwIng On tOy*

Camwhore time!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bobby and Gucci gone PINK

You know how lazy Mummy is, she never go to the petshop, so yesterday she finally went, and show me these pictures

Two boys in pink. This is hillarious!

New Sister?

Mummy and Daddy were discussing about getting a sister for me, a Golden Retriever girl, should I allow them?

She's gona be a small puppy, meaning I have to train and take care of her, and share half of Mummy, in addition to all the strays that Mummy plays with.

Hmmm...Tough decision. I want her to be happy, but I don't wana share my love...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boring Wednesday

Last night I heard something going on outside, so I barked, but stupid Mummy shouted at me because she was sleeping, then she realized that there were noise as well.

Good thing she appologized, if not I'll never protect her from harm again.

There was a snatch thief case going on right outside where we live, to a guy that lives in the same building as us.

Stupid snatch thieves. Luckily nobody was hurt!