Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cats for Adoption

This is not a sponsored post!

Mummy got this Email from SPCA, so if anyone's interested, contact SPCA. Adopt an animal and make a difference!

"Little, elfish Dixie is 2 months old, with pretty green eyes. Her fur is
black and glossy, with two white patches on her chest. She was found hiding in
the engine of a car, and the person who discovered her put her under the
guardianship of SPCA. Initially a little wild and skeptical, she is now
well-settled and human-friendly. Cheeky, playful and fiesty , she may just be
the kitten you've been looking for ! "

"Scamper and Snuggles are brother and sister, just 1 month old. They were dropped off at the SPCA Animal Shelter this morning by a man who found them dumped near a lift in his apartment building. Scamper is the big brother, strong, macho and protective of his little sister. Snuggles is smaller, gentle and surprisingly braver than her big bro when it comes to humans ! They're both healthy and oh-so-soft, but frightened and shy. Lots of tender loving care will turn them into leaping, bounding bundles of joy in no time at all !"

Think you can give even one of these babies a home to call their own ? Please send an e-mail to or call the SPCA office and speak to Jacinta or Pris for more information on how to adopt these lovable furballs !

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