Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Read here first...


...I know I'm fucking stupid to answer and tell him where SS2 is, he reached out for a knife and I screamed... *bang head on wall*

Somehow my fucking legs got numb, and he grabbed my bag, and I was about to let him to, then I realized my fucking new PDA was in there, so I grasped hard on the belt of my bag, and he panicked and grabbed my necklace instead.


One thing I'm thanking god is my bag is still with me, my 3k worth of gadgets, my wallet with my many cards, my IC, my everything.

One thing that pisses me off is, there were people OPPOSITE watching all the while, WATCHING, and they did no shit to help me, he ran back to his goddamn bike and I saw my Boo (FINALLY).

I ran back crying (ohhh shaddup!) and shouted "Bee Boo help" ($#%&$*#&%). Don't ask why Bee Boo, that's just what I call him...

My heart was beating like some god damn machine out of control, and I needed to kneel down before I die of heartattack.

When my Boo walked further to see if that sonofabitch was still there, I heard those fuckers from OPPOSITE saying (well, AUNTIE..)
"Opposite got snatch thief arr..nehh...just now snatch things" -.-....
-.-""""""""""""""" .......................................................

Then again I was too shocked, I just stayed there, and Baby decides to run off AGAIN, and my Boo went after her. I walked back..casually (trying to act cool cos I cried in public.)

NIAMAH! I'm still wondering why I screamed. OHHHH SHADDUP I know I should've ran away in the first place, but Baby was there, I cannot let Baby out of my sight, she'll run away to find her boyfriends.

FUCK, my stomach's so hot now feels like I just drowned an entire bottle of Chivas.


I find it so pointless to swear, it's just a necklace, and ofcourse scratched at my neck...

*hugs pda*

Thank god it's still here!


babyfiona said...

lucky you are safe ler, those people mou yan sing one! And i really think ur baby need to be punish..for running out like that eventhough u called for her several times..

babyfiona said...

Btw, the opp for the score thingy can do :P, approved edy!

Gallivanter said...

I'm glad that you're safe...those ppl watching you are probably scared for the lives too, but they should've done something to stop the bugger, else he'll get more daring.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

*Excuse my language*

Fucker nia ma fulat! It's not what you could have or should have done. It's YOUR NEIGHBOURS who could have and SHOULD HAVE done! Stand there watching like as if it's a movie! Damn bloody tiu man neighbours these days! Only know how to be busybody and later all aunties like some chi bai pat poh talk talk talk about the incident like they are director of some snatch thief movie telling the world what they saw!

Fuck that idiotic snatch thief! Good thing ur new HP PDA is sitll with you! Worth more than your necklace... Bravo for screaming! It helps to scare that fucker! Very brave girl! Some will get so scared to not scream over the point of a knife!

zewt said...

what the!!! almost died and u giving thanks that your PDA is with you? aiyooo... pengsan la...

as for watching neighbours, this is a common scene. this is malaysia where everyone mind their own business. some ppl dont even dare to speak their mind, do u think they will actually get their hands dirty to help?

you should have kicked his bird... that would have gave him a surprise.

anyway... this is malaysia. now u know how muddy it can be. wouldnt some grass be nice.

AhBooon said...

haiya, anyone who has not been snatched cannot call him/herself a KLer la.
Laki you shouted oh I think the thing can go worse... god knows.

and glad that you are allright and ur HP is stilllll with you. Ok, I Pong Chan your nuttnang liao, so you should have Liama Bulu Sens richer lo!!

fattien said...

Not too bad...unless you and ur pda were safe now. I help you too curse that indian guy.... so shuilah him.

I face this kind of situation many times already during college time while walking to the LRT. Less ppl there... when (especially indian, bangla, indonesian)ppl asking you for time or something plz " dun farking it, turn 180' and run!!!!! run as fast as wind(run to place that many ppl) ppl might not help then no choice u sendiri must help urself.

AceOne118 said...

Thank god nothing happened to you. It just a necklace. With money you can buy a new one. Money can't buy life. Malaysian are liddat wan...gi-gi koo gi-gi mia attitude. Like the case in Melbourne yesterday, this guy kena shot dead for helping a woman. Susah cakap mia case!

Neo said...

Lucky you are OK. just a necklace, you do a couple of paid posts, then can buy a new and more cantik one! :)

kean-jin lim said...

He, Tourism Malaysia Director-General Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab should read your post before he spoke to the press.

You maybe can give him a lesson too.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

I'm glad you're safe... and thank god you did got yourself hurt in the process... My sister was unlucky and hurt herself..but she alrite now... Better becareful!!

mott said...

hi..stumbled on your blog.

I think alot of ppl are as dumbstrucked as you when it really happens. It's a normal reaction...becoz while your brain might want to help them..your feet and hands stay numb. I hope you understand.... becoz I once tried to save a drowning fren..and everyone around me froze. I was soo angry at that time...but now, I understand.

So..I'm just glad you're ok.

take care.

Rabbit said...

Aiyoh! U very daring hor goan fight the thief? Life more important than ur gadgets ler!

But anyhow, glad u are safe. =P

Winn said...

aiyor..y u always kena this.
nx time dont be a goodie .its ok to be a bitch. dont stop even if ppl ask for directions. it happens nowadays,. those Y$%#$# ppl!!

Huei said...

babyfiona..wokies! will do today! kekeke
i punish her edi..today cannot go out! hehehe although she had a good walk last nite..mmm =P

gallivanter..they could've shouted for me!! hehehe actually i was behind a row of houses..maybe..those ppl were all still sleepinggg heheh

nastasshea..aiks..i saw the knife natural reaction was scream liao! hehehe
good thing he's not the daring type!

zewt..i knoww..i only thought of that after he left! hehehhe i cannot afford to loose my gadgets! hehehe =P

ahboon..yayyy!tenkiu! yea..now i am original KL lang!! hehehe

fattien..now i learn that! hehehe next time i'll ignore everything liao!

aceone..yea..actually they could've yelled for me! hehehe =P

neo..but that one has been with me for 6 yearsss!! heheh

kean jin..heheh will they ever listen? =P

kukujiaoman..wah ur sister kena? aye..luckily she's alright!

mott..yea true..i wouldn't wan anyone hurt trying to save me as well..but a yell might be good! hehehe

rabbit..cannot..my gadgets still owing money wan..later bank come n kill me! hehehe

winn..yea..now i learn..next time ignore everyone!! hehehhe

Sasha said...

WHAT! if i see him bullying u i will err err bang himn with my car (since i pass by yr house everyday neh..)But luckily u're okay. Baby is okay. Next time just buat muka lansi.

zewt said...

sasha is drunk.

Jace said...

I cant believe what had happened until i read it twice.
Sigh... I am super duper glad that you are safe!

Will you kill urself if u lost ur dearest new PDA? sigh...

I'm worried about u. Are u ok??

Everything is fine now. Please dont feel scared adi k.. *hug hug* Poor gal..

Huei said...

sasha..i keep go round there hoping i can run him over oso! hehehhehe

zewt..hahhaha =P

jace..yesh!! thats y i had to protect the pda! hehe

*hUGz* tenkiuu

belle said...

u r alrite.m glad
next time mouth don so big! so wat happened! tsk tsk

-ritchie- said...

lucky u not hurting bad..

Huei said...


ritchie..yea..thank god!

Sweetpea said...

came to this blog from your other blog. you look too sweet in your pic for me to believe you can swear like this :P
glad u are ok and even if those things are gone, bear in mind you have a life and time to get those again.
take care~