Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Inhumane Humans!

The other night I went walking with Mummy, and walk pass this house where this dog had troubles barking.

I asked Mummy why and she said it could be because the dog was "debarked".


Why are you humans so mean to debark a dog? Now he can't communicate with me or other dogs, all he does is just whine when I walk pass.

There are many arguements on whether debarking is legal, well, WHY is arguements necessary? Debarking a dog is just like taking away a dog's capability to talk, the freedom of SPEECH.

If you humans cannot stand the way we dogs bark, then don't get a dog. Don't go getting a dog and start complaining about the noise. We hate your voice of telling us to sit or stand, and we're not debarking you!

Be more considerate, if Mummy ever consider doing that to me, I'll make sure all my Rottweiler and St. Benard friends eat her alive. AND I MEAN IT!!

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