Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Blues

I'm having Monday Blues also, sitting at home alone, boring, waiting for Mummy to come back from work. Mummy needs to take MC so she can stay home with me don't you think?

I had a great weekend, it's been ages since I followed Mummy home, because she claim that there are flea in Cheras, but, I can't care less, I wana go out and run around!

Saturday night I went back with Mummy, and played with Gigi and Pipi, Mummy's Mummy gave me food.. *yUmmY* *yUMMy*

Sunday afternoon I followed Daddy to Mummy's house, and played with Gigi and Pipi more, then we went Serdang and I scolded few smelly white dogs. They're so unfriendly! So rude! It's MY territory!!!

Then I got chained up *gRuMblE* *GruMBLe*

So for revenge, I barked and disturbed the sleeping baby! *laUGhS*

=D *gRiNn*

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