Thursday, August 14, 2008

To the fucker

my previous post was talking about


Talking about my pets is WAYYYY over the line you insensitive fucker! You don't know me, you don't know how Malaysians are, so go fuck yourself and go fucking away from my blog!

I wonder WHO'S the child! Fucking butting your fucking nose into people's blog and comdeming! FUCK YOU!

Chew chew chew

Perhaps you westerns don't know how easterns live. You may have your luxurious big homes, easy slow life, while we work our asses off just to make ends meet.

So don't judge!

It's not like it's our fault we have stupid rooms to rent with awful bath tubs. Not everyone here can afford luxurious life!

And perhaps you don't know me. Don't mess with me, especially when it comes to my pets. DO YOUR RESEARCH, on how dogs are treated in Malaysia, and go condemn those people.

Don't even THINK for ONE SECOND you can start shrinking me on how to take care of dogs! Comment have been deleted. I won't let RUBBISH tarnish my Baby's blog.

If it hurts your eyes so much to see my messy room and bathtub, then very well, DON'T come here. It's not like I'm desperate for traffic.

If you people are so very well darn good, Olympics won't even consider cancelling badminton as one of the competition. It's because you WESTERNS, YOU all DON'T play this sport much, that's why the talks about cancellation.

Go get a life. AWAY, from my blog.

* * *

My old chew toy


Mummy's calling me Strawberry now


I should chew on her
And see if she calls me Mummy
Nyek nyek nyek
See lah how many photos she takes of meLeng mou?