Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Last Saturday these 2 stray dogs came into where I stay..But I was upstairs..So I couldn't shoo them out :(
And when Mummy came home, she was playing with them..WTH?? *aNGrIE*

Hamsup Lo!

And this is what I felt like doing..

FYI it did not happen in that way-.- But anyhow, the photos in sequence goes like this, just incase you don't know!
Stupid boy was sleeping on my garden
How I wish I threw the slipper at him

Preparation for Christmas

Though it was totally out of my will, anyhow, I still had to "prepare" abit for Christmas..Horrible...
Don't you feel sad for me?
And finally...

Nice and "clean"...

Friday, December 22, 2006


Isn't it unfair being a dog? Here's what Mummy makes me do just for me to eat, I don't see HER performing for food!!
See what I mean? Hmm..I'm HUnGryyYYy

Sometimes, when I perform, I don't see them giving me food because they're too buzy watching the stupid talking box with moving pictures they call TV >.< *BaLAncE* *BalANCe*

When I finally decide to go to sleep, they'll wake me up to take funny pictures...
*YawNZ* Think I'll go back to sleep again..Goodnight y'all!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Since Christmas is around the corner, I have a little Merry Christmas thingy in the photos =D *PrOUd*
I always kena forced to take photo!!
*DrUM rOll* Introducing...My DICE!
*RollL* *rOlL*

I get number 1!!!

*lICk* *LicK*

See Mummy always make me take photooo!!

Until I so sleepy!

So boring!

So I lanci her

Make me perform but dun gif me food!! *AnGriE*

Finally finish makan pao paO! *YuMmY*

Eh Y this one no logo?? Hmm..time to sleep..Good night everybody!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I heard Mummy's gona get a new dog...She even changed her name to hide her identity, you see lah..what kind of Mummy is this? So fa sum!!

Luckily I got my source from this very nice website *CliCK*..Stupid Mummy is now busted..Tonite come home dun wan choy her! *HmPHhH*

The dog not leng oso! So small, wan for wat? I scold it edi run away crying lor..Useless!!

Leng meh? So lanci!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lonely..I'm so lonely..

Mummy and Daddy are off to work again, and I'm alone at home. Dun ask how I blog la, I have my way! =P

Went Mummy's house last Saturday, then Boy Boy came over, but stupid Mummy go pasar malam so I can't go out! *angry* Luckily she bought some drumstick and give me! *Proud*

I heard about Mummy's rage the other day with an idiot uncle, Pipi Gigi and Star Zai told me about it, stupid uncle. He bully Gigi first, that's why she bark at him. Tell you, now days humans so unfair! Treat us dogs like nothing just because we can't talk! *hmPHhh*

If I had more power ar, I swear, I will make dogs rule, and cats will work for us!!! Hahah OK LAHHH, I'm not that mean!!! ;P

Will post more photos up somewhere in the near future...wait la ya? =D

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Once up a time in Subang...

I miss life in Subanggg!

Especially when I am disturbing Mummy study

Acting like a good girl

Then pounce on her notes!

And play hide and go peek

Life was sweet then...

Except for when Mummy pose me really weird

But now in PJ

Mummy will be working everyday

And I'll be home alone until she comes home

Sleeping the whole day

Lonely and bored

But one thing never change...she'll still force me to pose

And play hide and go peek

So I'll make scary face and scare her

But she ends up taking my paws to make funny pictures!

One thing's good though

I have new friends

To share secrets with

I have my high place to sleep at in the room

And a bed where I don't have to jump up to

And the floor area is bigger

When I lau gai...
Daddy and Mummy will hug hug me
I can watch Daddy or Mummy when they go to the toilet
Although I get forced to sleep on the bed
My friends are near by
In Cheras...
These are my gang!
That's all folks! =)