Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Once up a time in Subang...

I miss life in Subanggg!

Especially when I am disturbing Mummy study

Acting like a good girl

Then pounce on her notes!

And play hide and go peek

Life was sweet then...

Except for when Mummy pose me really weird

But now in PJ

Mummy will be working everyday

And I'll be home alone until she comes home

Sleeping the whole day

Lonely and bored

But one thing never change...she'll still force me to pose

And play hide and go peek

So I'll make scary face and scare her

But she ends up taking my paws to make funny pictures!

One thing's good though

I have new friends

To share secrets with

I have my high place to sleep at in the room

And a bed where I don't have to jump up to

And the floor area is bigger

When I lau gai...
Daddy and Mummy will hug hug me
I can watch Daddy or Mummy when they go to the toilet
Although I get forced to sleep on the bed
My friends are near by
In Cheras...
These are my gang!
That's all folks! =)


Huei said...


Ah Boy said...

Baby, u r so cute :D
Nice meeting u :)

Huei said...

Hi Ah Boy! So happy you visit my blog! ;)