Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lonely..I'm so lonely..

Mummy and Daddy are off to work again, and I'm alone at home. Dun ask how I blog la, I have my way! =P

Went Mummy's house last Saturday, then Boy Boy came over, but stupid Mummy go pasar malam so I can't go out! *angry* Luckily she bought some drumstick and give me! *Proud*

I heard about Mummy's rage the other day with an idiot uncle, Pipi Gigi and Star Zai told me about it, stupid uncle. He bully Gigi first, that's why she bark at him. Tell you, now days humans so unfair! Treat us dogs like nothing just because we can't talk! *hmPHhh*

If I had more power ar, I swear, I will make dogs rule, and cats will work for us!!! Hahah OK LAHHH, I'm not that mean!!! ;P

Will post more photos up somewhere in the near future...wait la ya? =D

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