Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby After 70bucks Haircut

The other day our place didn't have any electricity, Mummy didn't me to get stuck in the room with no fan/aircon, so she ask Daddy take me to the workshop.

I was so happy! I can finally go see and play with my friends. But it was a trick I tell ya! They took me to the petshop after that to bath! I HATE THAT!!!

But at least the result is ok!

Leng or not?
I mean ME not mummy!!
See Mummy so ugly! HeeHeehEE
Mummy always force me to pose
She likes to take photos of me
Shy lehhh
I duno why she put her nail on my lips
Leng mou?
I still prefer long hair though


Ah Boy said...

Baby looks good with the new hair cut. Ah Boy never have any hair cut session woh, coz Ah Boy's hair very short.. :)

Helen said...

Baby looks nice lar..No need to be shy. lol

RM70 for a cut? Is that the going rate for KL? In Ipoh it cost anything between RM30 for trimming to RM50 for a full cut.. :-)

serendipity said...

Aaaww..Baby is so adorable! Thanks for dropping by my blog

Jace said...

HAHA.. You look more mature with your hair short.