Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Breakfast

Ahboy tagged me about my breakfast.

Basically I have the same food for breakfast and dinner. I don't have lunch, see how abused I am!! Mummy's complaining that I'm growing fat. NO I'M NOT!!!!

Anyways, my food usually come in dozen each time Mummy and Daddy buys it, so here they are, bought last week. I only eat 12 a week, that's not alot right???

My foodie
This round, these are what they bought

Beef and Vegetables


Chicken and Seafood
Chicken and Vegetables

And these are the special ones you don't get outside (other than petshops)
Gourmet Beef
Chicken Supreme

I think they ran out of lamb for these

Getting prepared for meal time!!

Count, and you get 11, that's why I'm looking up, because number 12 is up there...

Before I get food I have to pose oso

Kesian me la!!

Food time!

I really hate it when they mix it with biscuits
Mummy claims that my biscuits are too expensive because I won't eat cheaper ones. This is PORK flavour. Looks yummy leh!
Mix mix mix
Drink water

There, my breakfast/dinner. Once in a while I get treats like KFC or chicken rice, but Mummy and Daddy has stopped bringing these food home for me!!! They say I drop too much fur. WHat!? It's normal to drop fur what! Like how humans drop hair. It's NORMAL!!! =(
I wan yummy treats!!


Neo said...

Wow, all those look absolutely yummy!!! woof woof...

Che-Cheh said...

My owner said wet food is expensive wor...so I have to eat kibbles most of the time. You're lucky Baby.

Ah Boy said...

looks yummy woh your brekkie

Ah Boy loves KFC or chicken rice too, but only get to eat it once in a blue moon