Friday, November 24, 2006

To all the doggies out there

Isn't it so unfair when you're a DOG, and you can't stand up for yourself, and hUmaNDs start blaming everything on you, JUST because you can't talk.
Well, I see that everyday. If a poo is found around the compound of where I stay, I get the blame. Poor daddy have to clean up poos that don't even belong to me. I admit, that I shit everywhere, OUTSIDE, but HEY, I'm only fertilizing the grass! =)
2 days ago, outside my room, along the stairs, there was this foul smelling thing. Nobody could see where it was, but I knew, it was a CAT! Stupid cats that run around my house making me bark and get scolded!!!! Since I couldn't speak nobody knew, and I couldn't care less cos I WANA RUSH DOWN TO PLAYYY! =D
The stupid fucked up owner of that stupid fucked up house called daddy, and accused ME of shitting there. FYI, the shit was on one of the steps, on the small part protruding out of the railing. Nobody saw the shit, and I was naturally being blamed, because I am a DOG...
The uncle never came to see it, he just heard from my stupid neighbour rooms who fucking ACCUSED me.

It's so unfair...I'm not JUST A DOG......

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