Friday, November 24, 2006

Pet Myths

Ripped from Pets Corner =D

1. Your doggy's nose is warm and dry, does it mean he is sick?

No, when your dog has a dry nose, it's just a dry nose, absolutely NOTHING to do with the health! :)

2. When animals start feasting on grass, does it mean they are sick?

NO! Because there are no proven theory, although there are times when Mummy and Daddy encourages me to, they think it's good =)

3. Can your cats have milk? (Why am I talking bout cats? Blegh..)

Yes, make them start having stomach ache! ;) Just kidding! Not too often, well, I don't mind milk once in a while!

4. Frequent baths can make a dog start smelling nice, but too frequent will cause dandruff?

YES YES YES! So don't bath me!!! I love this site!

5. If you put garlic on your pet's food, will it help get rid of worms?

Where did that myth came from??? NONONONONO, I want PURE LAMB MEAT!

6. Without it's whiskers, will a cat loose it's sense of balance?

Cut them all of! Haha nah, their whiskers are just for them to feel, not balance!

7. A cat has 9 lives, but are they immune to rabies?

What!? If they say dogs have rabies, CATS must HAVE rabies too! Yea actually some do too!

8. Should a pregnant woman avoid cats due to possible disease infections?

Yes, and even when not pregnant! ;)
KIDDING! Actually animals are perfect companion! Stupid myth creating people!

9. Can a canine tell what color clothes you are wearing?

Well, we can't actually see all the colors that YOU do, but hey, my fur's the best color! =D

10. Do dogs heal themselves by licking their wounds?

I like to lick my wounds, and it helps, but not too much though, it'll slow down the healig process!

So people, LEARN UP!

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