Thursday, November 30, 2006

Speech from Mummy

Dogs are treated so unfairly. Despite of whether they were right or wrong.

Personal experience. I am an ultimate dog lover, so whenever I see a dog, let it be owned or stray, I will walk up to them. Most will be very scared, and they retreat from me by walking backwards, but with a friendly voice and by lowering my body down, the dogs will soon put down their guards and approach me. I will pat them on the head, they do avoid me a little, but after I touch them, it's like the magic of love has passed to them.
Some, however, are not so friendly. I once got chased by a dog, because I ran away when I saw it's teeth, I was very young that time, and naturally, he chased me, but that NEVER changed the love I have towards them.
I encountered a dog who was sleeping before. He was black and big, and a stray I might add. I made "tsk" sound to catch his attention but he ignored me, so I walked closer. It startled him and he jumped up and bark very loudly at me. Naturally I gave up trying to go near him.
Another time was when I was walking home from work I met this dog who was sleeping on the side of the road, so again, I walked up to her. Again I "tsk" to get her attention and she pounced up and glared at me bearing her teeth and was on an attacking position. Hey I provoked her first, so I was ready for an attack, and I will NEVER blame her if she had bit me. But I just stood still and she growled a while and walked off.

Lesson:Do not simply approach a dog, stray or owned. I admit I still do that, because I trust all animals, but do children know a thing?NEVER.So people blame owners for not properly training their dogs, therefore biting people, am I safe to say PARENTS are also to be blamed because
1. They never teach their children to never walk up to dogs at the streets.
2. They never watch their children, just to let them wander around provoking the dogs.

Why do dogs attack?
First of all, lets think of why are there stray dogs in the first place? People abandon them? They get throwned out of the house, and they had to learn to survive by themselves. Since they are not neutered, they give birth to new puppies, who are stray too, and what do the mother dog teach her children? To protect themselves. At the end of the day, all they learn is anger.
Some may be friendly, and they try to approach humans for some food, an adoption maybe? And what do these humans do? Kick and scream and hit the dog? I am sure many do that, hey, this is afterall, Malaysia, where dogs, were never fairly treated.
What happens after the dogs gets rejected in such a harsh way? They loose trust in humans and start hating us, but they will never attack unnecessarily.Dogs attack because they are provoked, they feel threatened. When a child approach a dog, it is very unlikely to bite, but children not only approach a dog, they throw stones at the dogs, kick the dogs, spray water into the dogs eyes, and how much tolerance do those dogs have? Being hurt, it is only natural for them, the dogs, to protect themselves, thus, attack is the only way out.

How to prevent dog attacks?
Main way of prevention, is to get parents to teach their children. Not only should dogs and dog owners get punished, parents should also in a case of a dog-child attack. Sure, parents will be going on about how innocent their children was, and will NEVER mention that their children provoked the dogs first, but the truth ought to be sought first before jumping to conclusin.As for adults, to prevent dog attacks, you are old enough to know that it is not nice to provoke a dog, and to walk away when fierce ones are met.
Be fair to dogs!

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