Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life's SO Unfair

So I got some smell on my body, so what? This doesn't mean I have to take a shower 2 days after my previous shower!!!


I HATE THE WATER! And the scrubbing, shampoo in my nose, mouth, eyes, ears!!! Somebody please adopt me, I DON'T WANA BATH SO FREQUENTLY! It's just some smell! If I can take it, Mummy should too!!!!


Pity me won't you, PLEASE PITY ME!! Life's so unfair, I don't get to SAY NO to showering!!

See lah, Mummy's camwhoring me while I shower
No manners. I told her to turn off the flash
Soap here soap there, soap everywhere
Now she doesn't turn on the flash
She didn't even comb me properly!
See what a mess! I HATE SHOWERING!!


Jace said...

cute... !!!

Pearly said...

hahaha...but at least you feel clean...

Neo said...

Cute puppy!