Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are you an animal lover?

Face it, a lot of people love dogs, because we look adorable, we're loyal, we help guard your house, and best of all we provide endless love~~~

So you see people going to petshops, picking out the cutest puppy, "awwwww"-ing over the puppy, kids going "mummy mummy I want this doggie", girlfriends telling their boyfriends "aww this is so cuteee, can we get him??", and soon a puppy finds a home.

When people see stray animals on the streets, girls will squeal and run away, mummies and daddies will pull their kids away from the dog, or some other kids might kick and scare the dog away. Big dogs are not loved. Period.

That's why all petshops sell puppies! I was a puppy when Mummy got me, yes, like the "aww this is so cute can we get her" story.

So the question here is, are you an animal lover?


Because you attend all sorts of pet events, train your dog like she/he's some kind of show machine? Get expensive pedigree dogs with cert and what MKA or whatever things?

Yes you love dogs alright, expensive, clean, SHOW DOGS.

What do you do when you see a stray, ignore and walk away?

Cars might even attempt to run dogs down!

Those who truely love animals, are those who can tolerate roughness, dirty, and maybe possible injury, those who bring food for the stray, those who are actually involved in animal shelter events instead of pet shows.

Those who condemn any animals to NOT be cute just because they're grown up, they're big, are just fakers who want people to assume that they're animal lovers.

Once Mummy was watching Animal Planet and she said the elephant seals were cute, and Daddy's friends all gasped and said "PuHlEaSe" (or the likes, because they speak in cantonese).

Have you ever looked into an animal eyes and see the love inside? That's wut Mummy saw.

Although I hate it when she takes my food and share it with the strays, but at least Mummy love me unconditionally. Best of all, I'm not some decorative item for her. I hate tying up my hair (like her), and no, wearing clothes for us is not comfortable, and we hate HATE shoes for dogs!

So yea, are you an animal lover?

Mummy's not you know, she gets too lazy to visit friends at SPCA or PAWS, and she hasn't met the strays for more than a week now!


Kay said...

Some people are drawn to cuteness, and most likely thats how most got their dog. Whether in their eyes he/she is cute or in our eyes they not really. Though one build a relationship with a furball and love grows. If one really love animal, would love them no matter what. I use to volunteer at the animal shelter walking their dogs, if I came across one I really like, I wouldn't mind how they look and all... it's the bond we had thats important. Though here, we see more stray cats. I try to capture one but it ran away. I know it's not good to keep stray cats being that their pretty much grew outdoors.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I know what you mean, when it comes to adoption i always choose the not so cute ones... I pity them cause everyone prefers cute ones. It's just not fair at all! In fact the not so cutes ones turned out to be the cutest when it comes to character! Some are even smart too!

Never judge any animals by their looks!

Baby said...

kay..cats are bad!!! (just kidding!! yea, mummy's afraid of cats as well, because they have sharp nails and teeth! but, they're fun to play with..according to mummy)!

u're a good person! the looks of an animal doesnt matter. i just hate it when people condem a dog and say "he's so ugly, not cute..yadayada" >.<

nastasseha..u're a good person too!! dogs give owners all their love, trust, everything! and all we want is just some loveee~~
yup! never judge by looks! =D