Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's disgusting how people steal animals. Dogs, cats, whatever, as long as they can profit out of it, they will steal.

Recently Jaceleen's cute little maltese got stolen, out of her own home. So do create awareness around.

To hell with those who steals! To HELL with those who steal ANIMALS...

And no, this is not a case of "it's just a dog, get another one"

If you're thinking that, tell me how would you feel if your kids got kidnapped?

On another note, Jace sent me a link to a lady in Australia who lost her dog. A beautiful sweetheart who meant the world to Susan. She's an amazing animal lover. Her dog that got stolen is an English Setter, with a distinctivly unique heart shaped nose.

So please, those who live in Australia, Gold Coast, do keep an eye out. It's been 5 years, and Susan have not given up, she should not, we should not. So please help in anyway we can.

For more information and to see how dedicated Susan is to finding back part of her family, please visit her website.

I hope all those who have lost their dogs will find them back.

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Jace said...

Thank you dear.. I really miss her so so much. Very very much...

Many ppl asked me to get a new dog.

and you are so right!!!
(this is not a case of "it's just a dog, get another one")