Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's not a racial issue

OK so this is like turning into a racial issue, which is not my point.

Jam say:
"I believe the animal cruelty happens in every corner of the world. Why only when it is happening in China, the public reaction is so overwhelming."

And I totally understand. Animal cruelty is EVERYWHERE, log on to the SPCA website around the world, and you see hundreds.

Fat4 say:
"You are just propagating what the western medias want you to propagate."

OK this is a piece of news I gotten from the local SPCA. It's not the western media I am supporting, it's the animals I'm concern about. The link I gave out was a link I received from SPCA.

"But try not to associate a single race for bring the biggest abuser and then even linked boycott of olympics."

Sorry, really. I never meant to focus on race, and yes, I agree that whatever I've blogged about is very misleading when it comes to that.

KhengSiong say:
"Well, China also executes poachers of panda. So it looks like the old guards in Beijing love animals too. What do you think?"

Well, just because they protect pandas, doesn't mean they can harm other animals, and again, I am NOT against the chinese, I don't hate Beijing, I just find it disgusting that they are
mounting "an aggressive drive to clean up the capital in preparation for the Olympic Games.", by getting rid of cats the cruel way.

The reason I, and other animals would want to boycott Olympics, is because they are using such inhumane way to treat animals. Something to show them that it's UNNECESSARY to kill cats just to make your country look good for the big game.

From the article:
"The crackdown on cats is seen by worldwide animal campaigners as just one of a number of extreme measures being taken by communist leaders to ensure that its capital appears clean, green and welcoming during the Olympics."

I think all of those who support, watch, involved, with the Olympics wouldn't want innocent lives being taken away just so it looks good..right?

Their move not only force people to get rid of their cats through fear, but also widens the risk of disease. Cats being thrown together to fight, starve, and die WILL have disease, which will soon spread throughout the country, thus resulting in more lives being at stake here.

OK just so to save myself, to hell with those who abuse animals. I watch Animal Planet alot (the um..only channel in Msia TV I can find that show more stuffs la), and places like America, Australia, everywhere around the world, treat animals badly. They tie dogs in extremely tight leash, resulting them growth distort. Some even starve their animals. Some support animal fights. To hell also to those Malaysians, or well those who live in Malaysia, that once upon a time, chase and ran over my chickens (yes I used to keep chickens at home, as pets, not as food) with their car (because my neighbour saw).

Sorry if what I wrote earlier is misleading. What I see is, I think if they want their country to look clean and beautiful for the big game, then spend money on cleaning it up the proper way. Train the people involved to speak better English, clear up the rubbish, plant more trees, and about the animals, well, I'm sure it's OK to have few cats running around the country, just makes it a more peaceful place to live in, isn't it? =)

Peace, I mean no harm to China, Beijing, Chinese, and I don't mean to support the western media, I just want animals to be treated fairly!


Fat4 said...

heya huei,

I am an animal lover to if you asked me. I would rather stop my car and let the turtle crawl to the other side than just press on my speed pedal. But unfortunately, when people mix two things together, it becomes dangerous. SPCA should focus on what it does and not get into politics. However, SPCA is run by individuals who have believes and idealisms.

This is where it becomes dangerous. They would instill their ideology unto your mind as a member. Then you help propagate the message whether if it is flawed or not. What China is doing is the same as other countries when they deal with stray animals. Perhaps it is olympics time, they are doing it a bit more vigorously than otherwise. By blowing up the issues out of proportion would make it a propaganda rather than a proper way to achieve their objectives.

I have been living in ang mor land for more than 10 years to know how they work. They do things based on their ideology. If they receive enough news that China is bad (eg. Tibet issue), they will add those issues into their mind, and strike where it hits badly. Their stance of take no prisoners strategy is etched in their brain.

hope you understand my stand. ;-)

jam said...

I totally agree with the view of fat4. I am a animal lover too. Whether it is? Animal loving or Tibet riot or Darfur humanitarian crisis, we should not hook those issues to the politics. Huei, you got a nice blog here. Why I am so skeptical towards boycott of the Games? Because I write a blog on the Games: