Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can you foster them?

Can you foster these 7 adorable puppies? Just for 4-6 weeks, and you could save the lives of these cute puppies.
I got a mail from SPCA today saying...

Our Animal Inspector received a call today (Monday, 18th Feb) from a concerned
woman who found a mother dog who had given birth to 10 puppies in a small depression in a field. 3 puppies had already died after being hit by passing
cars. The 7 remaining pups were hot and panting, and were brought back and placed under SPCA Selangor's guardianship.

The 1-month-old pups will not survive long in the shelter system where they will be exposed to bacteria and fatal viruses, but they may survive with gentle care and nurturing in your home.

If you have experience fostering young puppies, and have a suitable space in
your home to foster them for 4-6 weeks, please give us a call within the next 24
hours. As they are young and need to be monitored around the clock and fed every
4-5 hours, we encourage only those with enough time on their hands to take them
in. The puppies can be separated into different foster homes, preferably 2 per home.

Please be aware that while there are many success stories for fostered homeless animals, many young kittens and puppies do not survive even with the
best care and attention - however they still do deserve a second chance at life.

If you are willing to take the chance, please contact us immediately! For
more information, please call 42565312/ 42535179/ 42535312 from 9am-4pm tomorrow (Monday, 19th February) or send an e-mail to pr.spca@gmail.com

I wish I had the time..so if you do, help save these puppies! Just foster them for 4-6 weeks, you don't have to keep them, just, make sure they grow up, because they're very unlikely to in an environment full of other dogs, and exposure to bacteria and virus.

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Crystal aka Bing Qi Ling said...

Swt what breed is it? So cute!!!