Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Great Job

I was browsing, then came across this blog.

Rescue to Rehome

Rescuing dogs who were going to be put down, and finding them a home.

I hope people would adopt pets, instead of buying. It takes thousands of ringgit to buy, it takes love to adopt. Sure, they may not be pedigree or have a stupid microchip injected into their body, but they're still as loving. They may not be small, cute, and cuddly like those you get in petshops, but they give their no less than those expensive dogs, to their owners.

What more, they will love you more, because you adopted them. Giving them a better home, a better place to stay in.

People always go around, donating to the poor, the disabled. It's a good thing, I know, unfortunately, animals do not get such benefits. Most of the people just ignore animal shelters. Don't let this happen. Rehome these darlings!

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