Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tis the Season to be Shopping!

Christmas is near! Ok, well, not very near, but you can never be too early for Christmas shopping! Lets not forget about Halloween coming real soon, so take out that list of gifts you wish to buy, and start hunting now! Better yet, get online coupons to make your purchase cheaper, hey, there's nothing wrong with smart shopping!

My list? Well, lets just list the important ones first, if not, this can go on forever! First up, my mum. She's been looking around for a nice and small handphone, so I'm checking out some Kyocera coupons, they offer FREE shipping, and 15% off items, hey! That would be great! I don't have to get out of my house to buy things! Next up, will be my Boo, he loves cars, so what better than to check out AutoAnything coupons? They have a 28% off on Custom Performance Chips and Tuners, maybe he can make the car nicer to drive. Hey! That would be a benefit for me too! Ofcourse I haven't forgotten my Baby. My Shih Tzu mix, PetCo offers up to 15% off on purchase! I think Baby will be barking at me to get her more food now! Hey, "no money" is not a valid excuse anymore!

Now for my brothers, my older brother has been wanting a new laptop for some time now, but it always costs a bomb to get one, so some Dell coupons would come in handy. I can save up to hundreds for a laptop. Now that's a great deal! My second brother? He might be going off on his honeymoon, so I've checked out some holiday coupons, and found Travelocity, getting up to $75 off, I hope he will be happy with his cheaper holiday! For my little niece, I think some cute halloween things will be lovely! TheChildren'sPlace have Halloween Costume sales, but wait, it ends today! I better check out what I can get my hands on before it expires!

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