Thursday, January 4, 2007


Happy 2007 to all fellow doggies out there, and ofcourse, not forgetting humans, and other animal! ^.^
Last night Mummy finally decided to buy me my long awaited food, Cesar! The lazy her also decided to stock it up so she doesn't have to walk all the way to the petshop -.-
So, here they are!

Beef & Vege flavour..Daddy only took one, because this is not my favourite flavour
Although beef is not somethign I would choose, but these Gourmet range are harder to find, in Supermarket/Hypermarket anyways, so Daddy took 4 of these
And Finally!! My favourite, LAMB
And the other range of lamb!
Put them all together, and you get...
Mmmm..Yummy yummy!!
Slurp Slurp
*GaSP* Where has the food gone!? It's empty!!!
Oh it's in my bowl...
Mix mix mix
Must not show Mummy I want food!
But cannot tahan edi!
Why is she mixing it for so long!?
Oh YeaA! Feels good! MmMMmmm

So while I continue eating, HAVE A GREAT 2007 PEOPLE ^.^


Ah Boy said...

Tat Cesar nice ah?
Ah Boy never tasted it before..
eating Pedigree beef at the moment

Happy New Year

Ah boy's new year wish --> hope get the chance to taste Cesar :)

Baby said...

Ah boy..that Cesar VERY nice wan! You should try!!

Ah boy should faster go tell chen buy and let you try, you won't want pedigree anymore! ;D

actually i think cesar oso produced by pedigree company wan

RM3.20 each packet ar..mahall!

Happy New Year!!=D